The Triplets will be taking the stage at the Alexander House in Bourbon County to celebrate the history and raise awareness of the many uses of hemp!  The night will feature live music, from The Triplets, CBD infused appetizers and cocktails, vendors, and so much more.

“Hemp is very cool! It is popular because of the amazing CBD oil that is extracted from the plant and is used as a holistic approach to relieving a lot of different aches and pains!
As if that were not enough, hemp also gives us nutritious seeds and fibers that becomes rope and clothing, and a whole lot more! Kentucky will benefit greatly from this amazing plant that grows so well where tobacco used to be cultivated.” – Vicky Myers

The event is presented by  Pleasanton Goods, the Hopewell Museum / Historic Paris-Bourbon County, and the Kentucky Hemp Heritage Alliance on June 4th and will begin at 5pm.  You can join the Facebook event here!