Got to Believe in a Miracle

Title : Got to Believe in a Miracle
Release Date : April 11, 2020
Format : CD

Got to Believe in a Miracle is a single released on April 11th 2020.

We wrote this song during a time when a series of soul crushing events threatened to pull us into total fear, darkness, and despair.  This song emerged from somewhere with-in and became our voice, anthem, and mostly our prayer.

Now, with Covid Crisis in full swing, and in the endless hours of quarantine and spiraling tornadoes of news casts that only speaks to us of doom.  This song “Got to Believe” offers the message of hope we need to climb out of the fear and darkness.

It’s a simple message; Keep LOVE at the forefront, and as we stand together as one in faith (no holding hands though) we will see our MIRACLE appear at the dawning of love’s horizon.  And so it is.

Sylvia and Vicky, The Triplets