“Independence Road” Now Available

The Triplets emerged in the 90”s as a pop-rock trio with music harmony influences of The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Los Lobos. With a combination like that the music industry had a difficult time pigeon holing them. Still as a result they were awarded an American Music Award’s for Best New Artist, Best Rock Vocals and culminated in a Grammy Nomination for Best Latin Album.
TODAY the Triplets are still together however, Diana has chosen to stay in the background while Vicky and Sylvia take the forefront. The music that has emerged this time is much more mature and still carries the Triplets familial harmonies and innocences. But with their maturity comes deeper and subtle changes: The music is still pop, rock guitar based with some would say “a more roots, some country, some rock and yes, pop with latin flavor.”  With distinct lyrics full of passion and fun that has expanded with a focus on a tapestry of instrumentational nuances. A sort a back to basics, farm to table sensibility, and confidence. Again, it’s hard to paint them in a corner. But one thing for sure there is something for everyone ?

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